The Daily Lead - June 19th

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Hi freelancers πŸ‘‹

Today we have 29 fresh freelance leads to share with you.

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So let's dive in! 🀿

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Today's Leads

πŸš€ Marketing

Freelance Journalist πŸ’Έ

🏒 Worldwide Webb

πŸš€ Marketing - Copywriting & Content Marketing

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Influencer Marketing Manager πŸ’Έ

🏒 Upfluence

πŸš€ Marketing - Social Media

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Freelance Copy Writer, Consumer Marketing

🏒 Chanslor Avenue

πŸš€ Marketing - Copywriting & Content Marketing

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Freelance Copywriter πŸ’Έ

🏒 Salt Search

πŸš€ Marketing - Copywriting & Content Marketing

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🎨 Web Design

UX/UI designer

🏒 Elliot Greenhill

🎨 Web Design - CRO, UI & UX

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Premium Leads

Today we have 24 premium-only leads in the following categories:

1 x πŸš€ Marketing - Automation
5 x πŸš€ Marketing - Copywriting & Content Marketing
1 x πŸš€ Marketing - Email
1 x πŸš€ Marketing - General
2 x πŸš€ Marketing - PPC
1 x πŸš€ Marketing - SEO
1 x πŸš€ Marketing - Social Media
1 x 🎨 Web Design - Brand
2 x 🎨 Web Design - CRO, UI & UX
5 x 🎨 Web Design - General
2 x 🎨 Web Design - Graphic Design
1 x πŸ’» Web Development - Webflow
1 x πŸ’» Web Development - Wordpress

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