The Daily Lead - June 11th

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Hi freelancers πŸ‘‹

Today we have 20 fresh freelance leads to share with you.

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Today's Leads

πŸš€ Marketing

English into Swedish Patent Translator

🏒 Welocalize

πŸš€ Marketing - Copywriting & Content Marketing

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Linguists with SEO experience

🏒 Lilt

πŸš€ Marketing - SEO

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Senior Brand Executive [Freelance from Sept to Oct]

🏒 designory

πŸš€ Marketing - General

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Automotive Service Advisor / Writer πŸ’Έ

🏒 Christian Brothers Automotive

πŸš€ Marketing - Copywriting & Content Marketing

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🎨 Web Design

Freelance Designer πŸ’Έ


🎨 Web Design - Graphic Design

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Premium Leads

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6 x πŸš€ Marketing - Copywriting & Content Marketing
1 x πŸš€ Marketing - Growth
1 x πŸš€ Marketing - Performance
1 x πŸš€ Marketing - PR
3 x πŸš€ Marketing - Social Media
2 x 🎨 Web Design - Graphic Design
1 x πŸ’» Web Development - Wordpress

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