The Daily Lead - 06/07/2024

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Today we have 9 fresh freelance leads to share with you. Before we dive in, we have some updates to the newsletter that we'll be rolling out over the next few weeks.

These will make our leads even better and more relevant for everyone!

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Today's Leads

UX/UI Designer

🏒 Produktiv.Agency

🎨 Web Design - CRO, UI & UX

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Social Media Manager

🏒 Endeavor

πŸš€ Marketing - Copywriting & Content Marketing

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Web Visual Designer

🏒 Magic Potion Games

πŸ’» Web Development - Front End

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Premium Leads

Today we have 6 premium-only leads in the following categories:

3 x 🎨 Web Design - Graphic Design
1 x πŸš€ Marketing - PR
1 x πŸš€ Marketing - Social Media
1 x 🎨 Web Design - Brand

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